Our Story

2004 We met at Toccoa Falls College, both with a passion for ministry: I was convinced I would be a single missionary to Cambodia, He was an older freshman, 21 years old, having come from 3 years as a youth pastor. Our friendship grew our freshman year, I admired his leadership and his hotness, he was intrigue by my unbridled personality and by the beginning of our sophomore year he convinced me to keep my passions for mission, but drop the ‘single’ part. Thus we started dating.2008 After dating two and a half years and spring of our senior year he asked me to marry him, I said yes, and we kissed for the first time ever! It was nice. We graduated: Me with a degree in Cross-cultural Studies and Counseling, Jesse with a degree with Philosophy and Religion. Then, in September, with the cool autumn air, friends, family, and turkey legs we devoted our lives to each other under the waterfall where we first fell and love.

2009 We got 'real' jobs with our primary goal was paying off our student loans so that we could pursue full time ministry.

2010 we added a new edition to our family, Soren Xavier McCourtney! 2011 Paying off our student loans allowed us to pursue ministry overseas, all we knew was that God was calling us to a former Yugoslavian country in Eastern Europe, and we ere very interested in the small county of Montenegro. We checked out Operation Mobilization and they actually accepted us to their ministry team to Montenegro.

2012 We are expecting our new addition Alexander Dane McCourtney in mid July! Then we will be leaving for Montenegro to the capital city of Podgorica in August 2012. We and another OM couple will assist the church of 35 people in reaching the youth (ages 14-25) with the love and message of Jesus Christ through beginning a Language Cafe and Youth Ministry.