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Fall 2019

10/22/2019 08:45
Fall 2019 Wow, what a crazy fun summer in America! We enjoyed seeing all our family and friends and supporters! Someone pointed out that we haven’t updated this in a while and so I wanted to catch it up. Here are the ministries and plans as of Fall 2019. 1. Family Ministry – In 2017 we made the...


07/29/2013 23:54
BIG NEWS: Our OM team has been entrusted to lead the youth group while it's current leader leaves the for Bible school for a year. This is a wonderful step for our team! Please Pray God would give us WISDOM as we lead a ministry as well as try to encourage local believers to join as leaders. The...


07/29/2013 23:51
We are the McCourtney's. We are Jesus followers from the south Atlanta area and we ended up following Him all the way to Montenegro. This is a Website for those who are interested in keeping up with the life and ministry of the McCourtney family in Montenegro. We are so excited you are here, feel...

AUGUST: Upcoming Goodbyes

07/30/2012 14:14
AUGUST: Upcoming goodbyes We will be leaving for our two week conference in Amsterdam Monday, August 20th, and then arriving in Podgorica, Montenegro by September 1st! Here are a few opportunities to see us before we leave...   AUGUST 11th PARTY- We will be having a GOING AWAY PARTY...

July 2012: Celebrating Family & Preparing to Leave!

07/21/2012 16:02
July has been a wonderful month! We have the amazing news that we are fully supported, we booked our plane tickets, found a renter for our house and have enjoyed a wonderful summer with our family! We have been busy with so many doctors appointments, passports, finacial planning, vaccinations,...
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