Financial Support

Financial Support

There are a number of ways we can be supported financially. Our ministry is supported by monthly financial gifts while special projects are supported by one time or special gifts. All support is tax deductible and goes through Operation Mobilization, but sent to us on the field. You can use the OM website to give once or set up an automatic draft, mail or fax in support forms, or use your own banks Bill Pay.


Click here to Give ONE TIME or MONTHLY gifts ONLINE



a slightly more complicated way of giving is...


1. This form will help you set up a monthly automatic draft from your checking account as well as set up your end of the year tax reciept. It can be mailed or faxed. (please note this form can be e-mailed to

automatedgiving-1.pdf (210,9 kB)

2. This form is for people who would like to support by cash or check by mail: monthly, quarterly, or annually. With this method you will receive a giving receipt and a return envelope.
commitmentcard_8 5x11.pdf (807,6 kB)

3. At anytime you can send in a normal check to OM USA with instructions to give it to 'the McCourtneys" and the money will be put in our ministry account. They will send you a tax deduction receipt in the mail.



If your bank does online bill pay, you can also simply send in financial gifts to the Address below. make sure you put our Name & Account number in the memo box - Jesse & Andrea McCourtney 1000 293086.



Operation Mobilization USA
PO Box 444
Tyrone, GA 30290-0444
PHONE: 770-631-0432

FAX: 770-631-0439

For more assistence, see