Fall 2019

10/22/2019 08:45

Fall 2019

Wow, what a crazy fun summer in America! We enjoyed seeing all our family and friends and supporters! Someone pointed out that we haven’t updated this in a while and so I wanted to catch it up. Here are the ministries and plans as of Fall 2019.

1. Family Ministry – In 2017 we made the switch from youth ministry to children and family ministry and it has been such a blessing and a gift. This entails leading the kid program for ages 5-10 at church, hosting a family small group, and trying to do one event a moth that encourages families and marriages in our church, such as a babysitting night or conference.

2. Discipleship – We have a huge heart for people to grow in their faith! We try and host game nights and fellowship for our friends and fellow believers and simply do live together and pursue truth together. 

3. Relational Evangelism – Currently Jesse teaches a free English class at the church. This creates a safe, service oriented context where students and share their faith and we can invite them to church and have spiritual conversations. 


4. Team Leadership & Missionary Unity and Care – For the entire time we have been in Montenegro, we have had a longing to create unity among missionaries. You wouldn’t believe haw crafty Satan can be in trying to divide us! But more recently Jesse has felt the call to pursue specific care of missionaries on a one on one context. In the next 2 years he will be getting training for this, as well as transitioning out of team leadership to focus on Missionary Care. In the meantime, we love bringing missionaries together to Study Gods word and pray for each other.

5. Camps and Conferences- Currently we help with a few Camps and Conferences over the summer. We would love to add a Family camp and a Missionary kid camp in the future!

A Mothers Note! God called our family to homeschool a little over 2 years ago! I was pretty devastated because it was not what I had pictured for our family and mostly for myself. It felt so awkward to take a step back from local school and local connections! But do you know? It was the most Life giving decision our family has ever made. While our preschool kids still attend local preschool 4 mornings a week, I homeschool the older ones. We are loving it and I love the freedom is give our family to have people over anytime! Homeschool also eventually meant I could not be involved team meetings, and I had to take a step back with my external ministris. But God has been so faithful in giving me windows of time to share my faith and joy with others around me, sometimes it’s discussing philosophy with a college student, or giving a hug to another momma, or visiting our local mosque to learn about Islam. I also enjoy writing lessons and supplying bibles to the mothers here so they can share Jesus with their kids!