07/29/2013 23:54

BIG NEWS: Our OM team has been entrusted to lead the youth group while it's current leader leaves the for Bible school for a year. This is a wonderful step for our team! Please Pray God would give us WISDOM as we lead a ministry as well as try to encourage local believers to join as leaders. The youth group begins again officially in September.

Summer is usually the time of traveling and a lot of short term outreaches that foster long term impact! Here are a few snap-shots...

1. We had the pleasure of hosting our first short term team! They were a young adult group from Alabama. We had a week of short 1 day trips around the country, and got to build a closer relationship with the youth. It also got us really excited about having our own short term team from CBC! Pray if God would like YOU to be a part of that team!

2. Andrea got to attend the last night of an  short term outreach in Niksic, Montenegro, a sports camp called Camp Monty. 20 kids in spite of disapproval of their friends decided to come forward and give their lives to the Lord. PLEASE PRAY thier parents would let them come to the camp we are holding in August so they can learn more and grow in their faith!

3. We had the chance to help our other OM team in Bar build it's first free playground in the community!